5 Best Laravel Packages for Extending Application

Best Laravel Packages
Laravel framework provides a lot of useful functionality out of the box. Due to customs requirements sometimes, we can install already built package instead to build a package from fresh.

Laravel framework provides a lot of useful functionality out of the box. Due to specific requirements in a project, we can take advantages of the already built package instead of building a new package from fresh.

Here, we’ll provide you Five Best Laravel Packages that you can use in your project which will extend your application.

  1. barryvdh/laravel-debugbar
  2. spatie/laravel-permission
  3. lazychaser/laravel-nestedset
  4. spatie/laravel-backup
  5. Intervention/image

Let’s take a look at details.


1. barryvdh/laravel-debugbar

We personally recommend this package to everyone. To know how to install this package click here. Once it’s installed, debug bar will be enabled at bottom of the page. The debug bar will be activated with several tabs (e.g Messages, Timeline, Views, Route, Queries, etc) in it.




Application optimization analysis, debugging process handle very easily with this package. Below are few features of this package.

  • Queries tab, can check all the executed queries with execution time for the request
  • Views tab, see all the included views for according request with passed parameters
  • Route tab, to know all the information about the current route.
  • Messages tab, can see all the facades logged messages

Check out this wonderful package here: barryvdh/laravel-debugbar


2. spatie/laravel-permission

spatie provides many Laravel & PHP packages. Laravel framework provides permission management out the box since version 5.1.11. Laravel core has following features to manage permission.

  • Gates and Policy
  • @can and @cannot blade directive
  •  $this->authorize() method

But sometimes, it’s not easy to handle many permissions and roles with the core functionality. This package is developed based on Laravel’s authorization feature. This package is very well documented and maintained by spatie. The depth of package is also good. We can use functions of this package with blade directive, middleware, and multiple guards, etc

Link: spatie/laravel-permission


3. lazychaser/laravel-nestedset

It’s not easy to create trees structure relations using Laravel core functions. You have to handle so many things if you want to do so.

This package works on Nested Set Model algorithm. Node traversing and manipulation process is very nicely in it. It manages all the relations into a single table. So, no need to worry about multiple tables creation and its joining. We can also create a custom field(s) on same relation table if needed.



Image source: Google


Nested Set Model algorithm takes time to manage left and right index during insert/update operations in a table. Hence, it is not advisable if your tree structure relation has higher update/insert operations.

Read more about this here: lazychaser/laravel-nestedset


4. spatie/laravel-backup

One more nice package provided by spatie team which allows taking application and database backup.

To full backup(DB+files), just run this artisan command:


If you only need to backup the database, run below command:


Just for files, use below command.


To execute artisan commands pragmatically, then use “call” method of Artisan facades as shown below.

This package also provides several notifications channels to be notified, and fire events for which you can create listeners.

Link: spatie/laravel-backup


5. Intervention/image

Do you want to manipulate & handling an image to your application? If yes, you can use PHP “Intervention/image” library, it comes with two drivers

• GD Library
• Imagick

Library provides separate installation for Laravel and PHP.

It provides many useful functions like crop, resize, rotate, merging, etc. We can also read image EXIF information easily with this library.

Find out this package here: Intervention/image

Feel free to share any nice packages. We would like to explore out those packages.

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  1. Thanks For Posting About the Laravel Programming language packages and applications. Its very helpful and useful for Laravel Programmers and researchers who wants know more about Laravel.

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