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How to post Tweets & Images on Twitter using TwitterOAuth & PHP

how to post tweets & images with php

Many times user needs a quick way to post on twitter directly from the page or blog they are reading. A simple and easy way to post tweets w/o images on twitter account with PHP using TwitterOAuth library.

1. Create an account on Twitter
2. Create a twitter App
3. Access Twitter API library…


How to Implement Two Factor Authentication (2FA) in PHP

How to Implement Two Factor Authentication (2FA) in PHP

What is 2FA?
2FA or Two Factor Authentication is a way of adding additional security to your account. The first “factor” is your usual password that is standard for an account, the second is a code retrieved from an external device such as a smartphone, or a program on your computer.

Learn how to implement the Two Factor Authentication in PHP.
1. Install google 2FA package
2. Install QR Code package
3. Implement Login/Registration
4. Show QR code
5. Install Google Authenticator app in phone..


5 Best Laravel Packages to Extend Application

Best Laravel Packages

Laravel framework provides a lot of useful functionalities out of the box. But sometimes we need custom features. Instead of having to rebuild those heavy features from fresh we can take advantage of the already established packages/libraries to save time and energy. Checkout some of the best laravel packages to help you grow your laravel web applications.

1. barryvdh/laravel-debugbar
2. spatie/laravel-permission
3. lazychaser/laravel-nestedset
4. spatie/laravel-backup
5. Intervention/image