Best free WordPress themes for Elementor

If you have worked with the themes before you might have an idea about how some themes come unoptimized with extra baggy unnecessary stuff that ultimately just slows down your site.

And if you are going to work with some page builders like Elementor then a lightweight theme would be just perfect for your big or small website. The lesser the better!

That is why choosing a good theme is very important. We may not realize it in the beginning but it plays a very powerful role in your website development.

Well, there are numerous themes available on the web compatible with Elementor but here I am listing some of the best by their great performance and overall look & feel. It is very easy to customize these themes as per your needs and requirements.

  • Hello
  • Neve
  • Astra


Hello Theme

Elementor says this is the fastest WordPress theme ever made. It comes almost empty of styling and scripts which makes it lighter than most themes. 

Hello theme best free theme for elementor


In other words, it is optimized for best performance and it does not come with any extra piece that will bother you.

  • Fast & Lightweight making it a perfect starter theme
  • Responsive Design for different resolutions
  • Compatible with WooCommerce Builder
  • Developer friendly code for easy customization using hooks
  • Free and Open Source



Neve Theme

Neve is my personal favorite. I have loved neve themes mainly because of its SEO friendly structures. Neve has many ready-to-use free as well as pro themes available to serve all your purposes.

neve theme best free theme for elementor


  • SEO Friendly Markup: Google will love your site because of the SEO-ready structure. 
  • 1 click ready to import pre-built websites.
  • No jQuery: The theme is fast and lightweight without jQuery.
  • Easily Customizable: Customizing each element is easy. No extra work is required.
  • Optimized for Speed.
  • 1-Click Rollback: Rolling back to the previous theme version is easy. 


Please check Beautiful starter sites with Elementor by Neve.



Astra Theme

Astra is a very popular WordPress theme of all time. They give a huge library of ready-to-import websites created with Elementor page builder. Astra has both free and paid versions.

astra theme best free theme for elementor


  • Astra is feather-light.
  • Super Fast Performance.
  • Pre-Built websites to choose from.
  • No jQuery makes it fast and lightweight.
  • Completely customizable with WordPress Customizer.


Please check beautiful starter site demos with Elementor by Astra.



hope this was helpful.

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